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Expansion Energy

We are a developer and licensor of breakthrough technologies designed to substantially improve the way the Energy industry and related industries operate—leading to more efficient and more profitable companies as well as a substantially cleaner and more productive world. A number of our patented and patent-pending technologies have the potential to dramatically accelerate the rise of whole new segments of the Energy industry and to greatly enhance existing segments. Each of Expansion Energy’s innovations is a truly “game-changing” technology that is substantially different from other technologies in the marketplace.

Expansion Energy currently holds more than 30 granted US and global patents, with numerous additional patent applications. Our business model is based on technology licensing, and therefore we invite interested parties to contact us for discussions regarding potential licensing agreements or other types of collaboration.

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Expansion Energy's patented and patent-pending technologies provide licensees/users with opportunities to substantially increase returns on investment (ROI) for their Energy and Industrial assets. Our technologies can be cost-effectively applied to assets such as:

• Baseload power plants
• Wind and solar power
• Power storage facilities
• Stranded natural gas wells
• LNG/CNG/CCNG(TM) fueling stations
• Gas pipelines/storage and LNG terminals
• Industrial plants (manufacturing facilities, refineries, etc.) 

Small-Scale Liquefaction of Natural Gas (LNG)

Expansion Energy's "VX(TM) Cycle" technology allows natural gas to be liquefied (into LNG) cost-effectively at small scales - as low as 2,500 gallons per day - or converted into a dense fuel Expansion Energy calls "CCNG(TM)" (cold compressed natural gas). The VX Cycle is an ideal solution for small and mid-scale natural gas storage facilities, for LNG, CNG and CCNG(TM) fueling depots, and for getting natural gas from "stranded wells" to market.


Bulk Power Storage & Power Generation

Expansion Energy's "VPS(TM) Cycle" technology utilizes Liquid Air as a medium for storing power at a multi-megawatt scale (from 4 MW to hundreds of MW). VPS also functions as an ultra-high-efficiency power generation plant. The VPS Cycle can be deployed virtually anywhere at low capital cost per kWh of storage, and utilizes only existing "off-the-shelf" equipment. This system is ideal for "bulk" power storage applications, as it can release 8-12 hours of stored power per day.


Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Expansion Energy has developed and patented its "VCCS(TM)" technology, a breakthrough solution for capturing and permanently sequestering CO2 from conventional power plants and industrial plants. VCCS(TM) is unlike any other CCS technology being proposed today, with substantial advantages in terms of efficacy and economics. Click here to learn more.   


Recovery of Rare Earth Elements and Other Minerals from Industrial Waste Streams

In addition to capturing CO2, Expansion Energy's patented VCCS(TM) technology is an innovative and cost-effective process for extracting rare earth minerals and other valuable commodities from industrial waste streams such as coal ash from power plants and "red mud" from aluminum smelters.



Expansion Energy's primary business model is to license its technologies to other companies or government entities who have a need for these solutions. Under licensing arrangements, Expansion Energy provides the technology and the expertise to help licensees effectively deploy our innovations for the benefit of their own organizations. Licensees ultimately own the systems and projects that are built utilizing Expansion Energy technologies.
Expansion Energy also seeks strategic alliances with companies that are active in relevant markets, such as manufacturers of energy equipment and systems, energy producers, oilfield services companies, infrastructure owners and operators, and EPC providers.
If your organization is interested in hearing more about Expansion Energy's technologies and opportunities for licensing or strategic alliances, please reach us through the "Contact Us" page.